Saving Animals In Our ( is an initiative for saving exploited and endangered animals throughout the world.

What’s in a name? We believe a name should be reflective of three things:

  • Why our organization exists
  • What we do
  • Who we serve

Our vision inspires us daily….it is to bring about a kinder and gentler world that appreciates, respects, and cares for the well being of all animals. The world is about you and me, and all life in our world.

Our mission is to promote awareness of the crisis that most domestic and wild animals face in their lives and be a voice for these living beings whose silent screams for help are not heard. Their living spaces are becoming smaller and smaller. Many face torturous deaths for their body parts. In our quest for their welfare we will “Always Do What is Right” as we continually push for their well-being and quality of life.

Our purpose is to not just talk but actively work to make this a better world for all animals and people. We will accomplish this two ways:

  • First to support and encourage those dedicated individuals who are on the front lines devoting their lives to save and stop the mass slaughter of animals. In spite of overwhelming obstacles these dedicated heroes keep moving forward working to save animal lives.
  • Secondly to encourage and support you with current news that will keep you informed and up to date on important issues. This will include follow-ups and show you how important your interactions and support are in this fight to save these iconic species and others.

We can achieve our goals with the millions of people who do care as they unite with us into one strong voice that will bring about change.

The present goals and objectives of SAOW :

  • Stop the poaching in South Africa, and all of Africa
  • Seek solutions with communities living at the edge of South African reserves and national parks (called Edge Communities) whose indigenous people illegally poach the wildlife.
  • Work with governmental and local authorities, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) as much as possible. We all must work together and be effective in our works, seeking “African solutions to African problems”.
  • To inspire creativity and be on the cutting edge….be leaders in our arena…be knowledgeable, wise, expeditious, calm, and confident in our mission.
  • To be frugal but effective with our support from donors and sponsors
  • Develop a “go to” website that will answer any question about animals of the world. This site will identify problems, offer solutions, and inspire the visitor to make a difference through their actions. This website will always be a work in progress.
  • Create inspiring visual, audio, and interactive presentations that will be flexible to reach any age group, especially our youth.
  • We will strategically use the social medias to get our messages out to our audiences.
  • To grow our volunteer base by creating authors on particular species who will post stats, past and current information, news, etc.
  • This information will help build our website platform of facts and information about animal species.
  • We will become advocates for environmental and social change through our voices, actions, petitions, marketing, etc.