We ask for your support in any way you can help reach our shared goals. That support can come in many forms…

  • TELL EVERYONE… Using the social medias please share our news, pictures, and messages with your friends and ask them to share it with their friends, etc. With one united effort we can make a huge difference.
  • JOIN OUR E-MAIL LIST.… you will receive our e-newsletter, the “SAOW Weekly”. This will give you brief updates on the current news and happenings in Africa, each week.
  • DONATIONS….Be a part of our success. Funds are critical to winning this war to save the wildlife in our world. We accept any donations, small or large. Unlike most organizations the principals of SAOW take no salaries….we “walk our walk and talk our talk”. SAOW is a 501c3 non- profit corporation. Be assured that your donations go directly to the most critical needs that will result in having the most impact for the wildlife. Your donations will go directly to our partners working on the front lines saving our wildlife. There are no middlemen. If you would like to designate your donations for a specific cause we welcome that too. Accountability to the animals and you is priority number one in our organization.
  • MARKETING….We invite creativity and finding ways to share our message. If you have any suggestions for fundraising, see other opportunities or ways to share our message please do contact us.
  • BECOME A SPECIES ADVOCATE….a person who has a love or concern for a particular at risk species and will become a warrior for that species thus helping us all become more knowledgeable about their plight. Share your interest with us. You can make a difference.

We appreciate your interest in saving these wonderful creatures and your partnership with us doing whatever you possibly can.

We’ll see you at the finish line. Let us, together, move forward and win this battle saving the lives of animals.

We shall “Never, Never, Never Give Up !” ….Winston Churchill